Cloud Services

Do you still operate your own data center?
Do you still utilize collocation data center space?
Do you still have servers under your desk or in a closet?

If you answer Yes to any of these questions, we should talk about what the cloud can do for you. Decisions on your computing strategy should be made based on facts, not emotion. And, it’s not an all or nothing proposition. Taking a hybrid approach may be your best move – Control risk and reap the benefits of hosting.

Did you know…

  • The cloud lets you allocate capacity on demand without over or under buying.
  • Moving to the cloud lets you move to an OpEx model; No more CapEx. The pay-as-you-go cloud model lets you get away from having to make an “investment” in compute power.
  • Properly designed and executed, the cloud IS HIPAA compliant. Cloud providers will execute a BAA.
  • The cloud already has some Disaster Recovery built in and can easily be configured for even more protection. Many cloud providers will offer a 100% up-time guarantee.
  • Security must be a high priority for cloud providers. Reputable cloud providers are able to employ more security resources than individual organizations.

Since its inception, WAKE TSI has been consulting with client organizations on the evolution of their data center and computing environments. As technology has evolved, we have evolved.

Data Center Evolution

WAKE TSI will assess your current computing environment and help build a customized strategy to leverage the benefits of cloud computing. WAKE TSI provides:

  • The consultative services to build the strategy, develop the plan, and execute the migration.
  • The Linux and Windows cloud services needed to support the strategy.
  • The ongoing managed services needed to support the new environment.

Let us tailor a solution to best meet your needs.

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