Data Center Assessment

Data Center Assessment

Today’s IT infrastructure has evolved into an interdependent, business-critical network that relies on the data center as its hub. Growing demands force data center managers to support an expanding array of equipment and applications, resulting in ever increasing loads that must be sustained with finite resources. Organizational attention on the data center is also driving the need for greater flexibility balanced against high availability and the lowest total cost of ownership.

WAKE TSI’s Data Center Assessment and Remediation Process incorporates a detailed review of the data center services to ensure high quality in all facets of the operation from the exterior environment, general building, structural, architectural aspects to major systems including fire protection, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, and security to the actual IT network capabilities and procedures. The data center operates as a system that includes the facility infrastructure, network, servers, storage, virtualization, and operations. Because everything works as a unit, it needs to be assessed as a unit.

Our Data Center Assessment prepares you with the data you need to make your best decisions. Our proven process and methodology comprises data gathering and analysis, presentation of findings and
recommendations to help you identify issues that impact your operation. We measure your facilities against industry best practices, enabling you to determine the adequacy, effectiveness, and efficiency of your existing operation. With this blueprint in hand, WAKE TSI then works hand-in-hand with you in the remediation process.

In the final analysis, if you are interested in lowering your costs for hardware, software, facilities, and financing for your data center, WAKE TSI is your ideal partner.

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