Phone Service (Hosted, UCaaS, Premise Based, Hybrid)


When it comes to a phone system, all organizations have different needs. At WAKE Technology Services Inc., we evaluate your end user needs and design, implement, and manage the system that provides the most value for your organization. There are a plethora of options for users that are constantly changing. We pride ourselves in being able to “future proof” your next communications upgrade, and maintain a system that stays in line with your business outcomes. Whether delivering Hosted VOIP handsets, software based soft phones, on premise VOIP system, traditional key systems, or a combination of all there is something that we can offer to help solve your communications struggles and to reduce your phone system spend. Phones are more like computers than traditional phones, and we can help to simplify your next “phone system” selection and provide you with valuable options to your existing workflow. Need more examples? Let us demo our capabilities for you.


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