An organization needs more than just someone who will quickly respond to a computer problem. You need a team of IT problem solvers who understand your business. Approachable, professional people who will work proactively to make sure your IT systems don’t go down in the first place. You need a partner with years of experience and success in providing IT support and technology services to organizations with similar needs. You need CIO Service from WAKE TSI.HELP!

Many companies will try to hire their own IT staff or call on an IT company as needed. In most instances, the company is missing out on the support and leadership that a successful IT entity like WAKE TSI can provide. WAKE TSI has years of experience in supporting numerous verticals (Healthcare, Government, Education, Professional Services, and more). Here are just of few of the benefits of having CIO Service from WAKE TSI.

Your CIO at your Service

Fast Response – With CIO Service, you can expect fast response and resolutions to server, computer or technology issues. Whether your solution requires an on-site visit or can be resolved via remote means, solving your issue quickly and accurately is our goal.

Help Desk – CIO Service clients have access to the our team of experts ready to answer your call for support or technology related questions. Fast support and solutions are just a click or phone call away.

On Site Presence and Support – Based upon your needs, a member of our IT support team can be dispatched or scheduled on-site to support your practice on demand. We will work with you to customize a solution that fits your practices needs.

Proactive Support – We continuously monitor your servers, desktops, and network. We work proactively to resolve issues; in many instances before you even know there is a problem. Our focus on being proactive reduces or prevents downtime within your practice which increases productivity and reduces frustration for your staff.

IT Hardware – We begin by inventorying your IT assets and making recommendations regarding replacements and upgrades. When upgrades or purchases are required, we help you select and order the right equipment to fit your practice. Whether you need servers, laptops or notebooks, desktops, printers or other equipment, WAKE TSI will help you to make the right choice for your needs and your budget.

Technology Planning – Whether planning for expansion, backup and recovery, or just managing your technology budget, CIO Service is there with the experience to help you make decisions with confidence. WAKE TSI is like having your very own CIO on your staff…. without the six figure salary!

Tracking and Accountability – Your practice will have access to their very own trouble ticket system so you can submit and track issues. No more issues going unresolved!

CIO Service is a complete suite of services for your healthcare practice. More than just IT support, CIO Service is a complete IT solution specifically developed for your practice.

Help is Just One Call Away

Perhaps the best thing about CIO Service is that when you experience a problem, all you need to do is make one call and you’ll have immediate access to one of our experienced engineers who take the problem off your hands. Completely.

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